Last Year

February 1st, 2015

Last year you loved me.
I know because you told me,
Whispered softly in my ear,
Said boldly in front of the world.
Last year you loved me, and
Your fingers touching as you passed,
Sent chills down my back,
Made me think of things
I shouldn’t,
Made me hope for things
That would never
Come my way, but
Last year you loved me and
The world was right.

In My Dreams

May 6th, 2014

You gave me love,
Then took it back,
Now what am I to do,
But spend my time,
The live-long day,
So lost, alone, and blue.

I should have known,
The signs were there,
But yet, I didn’t see,
It made no sense
For one like you,
To give your love to me.

So here I sit,
A broken soul,
Alone, again, it seems,
Though someone else,
May have your love,
I’ll have you in my dreams.

Woman Thou Art Creation

May 1st, 2014

Woman, thou art creation,
Hands that find beauty in
Little, ordinary things,
A body that brings life out of
Passion and pain
There is a journey to be found
In your eyes
A journey I will never be worthy
To make.
The song of your laughter
Echoes in my night,
And sings my morning alive.

Woman thou art creation.
A promise for a future
Any man would welcome,
At least, one who has a heart.
Your pain touches me in ways
I cannot recall being touched
For some time, and
Reawakens a passion that
Had been put to rest.

Woman, you complete me.
I breathe you in,
You breathe me out, and
In the breathing,
We become one.

Your Face

January 21st, 2014

I see your face all the time,
Whether my eyes are open,
Or closed.
The picture I see, is the one
You texted from the beach,
You and your boys,
Having fun in the sun
That picture stays
Before my eyes,
When I’m awake,
Or asleep, if I start to
Daydream while reading,
The words in front of me
Disappear, and in their place,
Your face comes into view.

It bothers me a little,
Because I don’t think you would
Want it there, your face, I mean.
Not too long ago, you said
You loved me,
Said it several times, in fact,
Once in an embrace, whispered.
It was the best hug
I can remember.
You said it one time,
Standing face to face with me,
Across the bar, and
Right in front of others.
I smiled and said, “I know”.

Lately, though, I haven’t
Heard those words, and
You ignore my texts.
I’m sure it’s my fault, and
I wish there was
Something I could do
To make it right with you,
Something I could say,
That would bring back
The love I once saw
In your eyes when
You said “I love you”.
But until I figure out
How to do that, I’ll have to be
Satisfied to see your face,
Wherever I look.


January 20th, 2014

When a muse is lost,
Poetry will evade you,
Like a lover lost,
The maelstrom of emotion,
Stirs spirits too much to write,
And yet, love lingers
In memories we cherish
For their brevity,
And the way they touch, lightly,
Just the edges of the heart.

The Hug Club

November 30th, 2013

Whenever I come here, it is
To see you, and
When I enter, my eyes begin
The search.
Sometimes, when you see me,
I think your smile means
I’m special to you.
I mean, we all want to be
Special to someone,
Someone we love,
Or someone we respect,
Someone whose opinion
Means more than
The opinions of everyone else.
You are that someone to me.

It is in your eyes that I
Search for joy when you see me.
It is your face that, smiling,
Draws me like a magnet,
Again, and again,
To act the fool,
To believe things that I know
Can’t be true.
Like blinders, my hopes
Shut out all those parts
Of the world that don’t
Fit into my dream, making me see
Only what I want to see,
Making me feel special.

For a bit, I convince myself
That you and I live in the
Same world, that
You want what I want, and
It will all turn out
To be real,
Because I’m special,
But at the end of the night,
As I find my way home,
I realize that I’m
Just another guy in the hug club.


November 20th, 2013

The tears come too easily now,
Like the rains of Autumn.
Emotion, like a rip-tide, pulling,
Threatens deep depression.
The year is dying,
Another year filled with
Unmet goals, faded dreams, and
Promise unfulfilled.

Windows need not be opened,
Curtains remain drawn,
The world and I exist apart,
Neither wanting the other,
Both, content not knowing
If the other even is.

I’ve used up my allotment
Of the world,
Burned bridges I didn’t know were there,
Leaving charred pathways
I will never walk again.
What’s left, is yours, use it well,
Until the tears come easily
To your eyes, as well.

Gray Skies

November 20th, 2013

Gray skies,
Pressing me down,
Making a sadness of
The world, except for memories
Of you.


November 20th, 2013

There are no rhymes left,
And the meter of my life
Is one long stumble.
Best to sit quiet and still,
With my memories of her.

Those Words

October 10th, 2013

Yesterday, and night,
I spent my time, wanting you,
Not just wanting to be near you,
To see you, hear your voice, but
Wanting you.
The night before,
You spent some time
Being playful with me, and
When I was ready to leave,
You hugged me, and
Whispered in my ear.
Those words echo still,
In the corridors of my mind,
Bouncing off, and lighting up
Each little memory of you,
That I have stored in there.

You told me once before,
That I think too much
About everything,
Trying to find out what
Everything really means.
I’m not thinking about
Those words,
I’ve decided that I like them
Just the way you said them,
And the way you say my name
In its diminutive form,
Softly, so only I can hear.
I’m not thinking about
Those words,
I’m just believing them.